Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another angel in heaven

Not an update I hoped to be making, however here goes …

Dec. 23rd – Traci noticed light spotting & began cramping. Our wonderful general family physician (who’s also a friend) actually picked Traci up at home & drove her to the hospital personally (How’s that for service??). After several hours in the ER & dealings with nurses we labeled "urine Nazi’s" (these people would NOT let her pee!), we learned that this baby had died several weeks prior. The medical term used was a “missed miscarriage”. They wanted to admit us to perform surgery (a D&C), however we chose to go home, celebrate Christmas with our family, and miscarry naturally.

Because we wanted Christmas to be about CHRISTMAS, we chose to keep the situation to our selves for the holidays. We did indeed have a great Christmas (& we took a billion photo’s of ourselves w/ our new camera – gotta love timers!).

Dec 27th – the prior days had brought increased cramping & spotting, but this particular day the pain became awful. Back to the hospital we went. Fast forward through some disturbing details (and a wait in the waiting room)…we came to a point were Traci was hemorrhaging excessively. Our 2nd trip to the triage room that night was much more successful then the first. Upon entering nurses & doctors immediately began commenting on how pale my wife was & ran into action. Things moved at a much quicker pace from there. Vitals were taken (& were abnormal) & then Traci passed out from blood loss (while still in the triage room). We were given a bed immediately. She sort of went into to shock (probably from being scared more then anything). We got hooked up to all sorts of machines & had a doctor at our side almost immediately. And then they brought the pain meds. Which made things MUCH better. They also ordered blood for a transfusion & used new medical terms: an "incomplete miscarriage". 13 hours, ultrasounds, painful exams, lots of morphine, shots of things we can’t pronounce, a lot of people telling us her blood pressure was too low, a little sleep, and NO FOOD OR WATER later we were told that we were free to leave & that she would NOT need the blood transfusion after all! (Blood counts were low, but okay!). Huge PRAISE! Unbeknown to us, our regular OB and ER doctors were working together to do absolutely everything in their power (thus the painful exams) to avoid a D&C. Apparently, a D&C can possibly damage the cervix, and with our history of loss (which was possibly attributed to cervical issues) they were all working together to avoid this. It seems it all went well, and the worst is over! No D&C (huge PRAISE). We were released & arrived home the evening of the 28th.

It was the most horrific, awful experience of my life (In the sense of actual physical trauma & scariness, it was worse then the labor & delivery of the twins). As much as I hate that hospital, I must share with you that the doctors and nurses at LB Memorial were so sympathetic, so gentle, and took such good care of us.

This miscarriage has absolutely nothing to do with the loss of Grace & Olivia. It is actually extremely common (1 in 4 pregnancies) and should not effect any future pregnancies. Our OB referred to it as a “random fluke”.

Traci carried our baby for 14 weeks and 2 days.

Lamentations 3:21-23
Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.

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  1. Hey Garbers!
    I just got your beautiful Easter letter and learned of the trials the Lord allowed in your life this year. I, too, had a miscarriage this past October and it was no fun, for sure. I am so thankful He has a plan for everything and He has taught me so much through it. Just wanted you to know you are not alone!

    Thanks for sending the link to this neat website! Ours is bodieheidi.blogspot.com
    -Heidi (Martin) Quirk