Thursday, March 30, 2006

A new endocrinologist!

Yay! I am very happy to report that I “officially” have a new endocrinologist. (Quick re-cap for new readers: I have Grave’s Disease, Hypothyroidism (Thyroid Disease), & had radiation treatment in May of 04 (I think???) to “kill” part of my thyroid, which apparently killed most of it b/c I am currently on pretty much full (thyroid) hormone replacement – 200mcg of Levoxyl a day!) … it’s not as bad as it sounds. :-)

Anyway ------ Since losing the girls (& leaving that medical group which included my old wonderful endocrinologist) I’ve had to fight doctor after doctor to get my thyroid properly taken care of. Given my history I was surprised it was such a difficult task. I finally got myself a wonderful doctor who not only takes care of Jason & I medically whenever needed or requested, but she is also a wonderful friend who looks out for us emotionally and spiritually. She led me to my OB, who has been lecturing me about getting an endocrinologist since I first met him, and we sort of put it off (you know how those things go). Anyway, I called in and requested it on Tuesday, and now today I have an appointment scheduled for a week an half away. I am excited (it obviously doesn’t take much!).

So, here’s to hoping this new doc speaks perfect English (his name implies he does). I have a phobia about not understanding my doctors. :-) And hopefully we can lower my hormone replacement, so I am not taking such a high daily dose.

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