Thursday, March 30, 2006

Please pray for Shelia & Seth..

This following is an email from a friend. Baby Seth was born on Sunday, March 26th. Please keep her family in prayer ...

On Monday I noticed that Seth was having what seemed to be hiccups pretty frequently that day. I pointed out the hiccup session to one of the nurses who kind of blew it off. On Tuesday I noticed that he was hicupping quite a bit again and I decided to take his shirt off to look at his body when he did it. That's when I noticed that he wasn't hicupping at all and that it was actually a jerking motion on the right side of his body. I got a nurse in the room to witness it and she then called the Pediatrician.

They sent Seth to the NICU for oberservation and later that day they ordered a battery of tests to be performed. By that night, the NICU team had seen the jerking episodes and they decided to do a spinal tap and head ultrasound. Today they did an EEG and MRI and determined that our baby boy had a stroke in-utero and that 1/3 of the left side of his brain had died. We are beyond devastated and are desperate to spread the word to please pray for our sweet, little boy.They have transferred Seth to a Children's Hospital and we will be meeting with a team of specialists over the next two days to determine what this all means. I am just so scared and sad beyond words. I will update when I can. If you would be so kind, please have your church family pray for us and Seth.

Thanks - Sheila

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