Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Trip highlights ** day 1

As many of you know, Jason planned out an amazing anniversary trip for us. He organized it all, and covered all the details; it almost killed him to keep it a surprise, but he managed.
Day 1 – We got pulled over on HWY 101 (a million miles from no where, with nothing but cows in sight), for speeding. The cop wished us a happy anniversary, after handing over the ticket. Our destination -San Francisco! Our hotel (actually a Worldmark timeshare) was built in 1908 and sits on Nob Hill, right above Union Square and slightly to the east of Chinatown. With a cable car line on the corner, we didn’t visit our car the whole time we were there!

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  1. aawweee....Ernesto & I went to SF last year (mar 2005 to be exact) & had such a great time, no kiddos, just us, footin it ALL over!

    Sounds like we might've seen different sights then you's two's though. lol Except the chocolate----I couldn't miss the chocolate. lol ;o)