Monday, April 17, 2006

Ten things about me that others may not know…

The wife-
1. I ALWAYS put my shopping cart back in the cart holder thingy. ALWAYS. Even if I parked far away. Even if it’s raining.
2. I hated math in school and now I (ironically) spend my days crunching numbers. I used to work at a CPA firm in Irvine, and now work for a credit union in Seal Beach. For some reason Roth IRA’s are a lot easier to understand then geometry.
3. I clean my house in zones, on a 6 week rotation. I have weekly and daily checklists (not that they always get done). Thank God we have a small house.
4. A few people who inspire me are Elisabeth Elliot, Frank Pastore, and of course … Jack Bauer.
5. I pay for my “menu’s”. I pay $30 a year to receive an email every Tuesday which has a week’s worth of healthy dinner recipes and a full shopping list. I don’t always stick to it (in fact this week, I made my own menu & didn’t use anything from the email at all), but it’s good to have on standby if I get really busy.
6. Which brings me to … I rarely purchase frozen foods. I also use a fruit and vegetable shampoo to clean things before I use/eat them. Really, I do. You can buy it at Traders. Weird, I know.
7. I started riding dirt bikes when I was a little girl. In fact, I had my own yellow four wheeler when I was 5 or 6 (I think…).
8. I LOVE the book store, but I NEVER purchase books there. Jay & I can spend hours at Barnes & Noble (w/ a tall Café Mocha w/ a shot of peppermint in hand), but if either of us sees a book we want, I go home and buy it on Amazon. Usually for about half the price.
9. I must be boring. I can’t think of anymore ... Well, I LOVE shopping for clothes. Especially cute tops and dresses … I am such a girl when it comes to clothes.

1. I do a load of laundry everyday
2. I love to cook/bbq
3. I can’t keep a good surprise to myself.......ask Traci
4. I iron my work clothes every Sunday afternoon
5. I really don’t like ice cream
6. I like working in the yard and around the house
7. I like to teach kids
8. I’ve broke my nose 7 times
9. I’ve had the chicken pox more than once
10. My dog snores louder then I do.

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  1. Hey baby ~ you don't have to iron your clothes anymore now that you're a big man. Some company does them for you now mister! There's one off your list!