Monday, May 08, 2006

Sports Banquet

We celebrated with our finial sports banquet Saturday night. I think it really went well (and I liked the way my budget decorations turned out ;-); thanks to a lot of helpers!). Andrew recieved a total of 7 (I think...) awards. Two coaches awards (no, not from Coach Jason!);Jr. Athelete of the year; 2 playoff awards (and honestly I don't remember what exactly those were for, so you'll have to ask him); and MVP for football AND for basketball. The MVP award was special b/c it's voted on by all of the kids and coaches. So Andrew had the majority of the votes for both teams! When he was called up the team started chanting "MVP" for him. A great moment! I realized today that I never took a photo of him with all of his trophies, and we've already spit them up so he can have some at both houses. 8-(.

Do I HAVE TO smile, AGAIN???

Don't my boys look handsome in their new suits??


  1. Anonymous6:13 AM

    A very wonderful evening. Everything was beautiful and the food was terrific! Your boys did look handsome that night. All the boys looked great. Jason, you are an awesome man. Traci, you and Jason are wonderful.

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