Wednesday, June 28, 2006

You don't realize how much you actually use your microwave...

Until you can’t!

When we first discussed purchasing a new microwave I told Jason that it shouldn’t be a priority (in comparison to the other stuff), because we really don’t use it anyway. I don’t use it to cook with. And I couldn’t quite remember the last time it WAS used, so what would a few weeks without it matter? Well, I slowly learned that I use it to defrost everything! So we’re discovering new defrosting methods. And Andrew is a popcorn eater (he actually might be able to live on popcorn alone). So Jason’s practicing his frying pan corn popper routine (which Devin taught us).

We were able to return home last week. Our major appliances are fine. The total damage is our microwave, Andrew’s stereo, and the garage door. And the cost of groceries to completely replace everything in our fridge (that wasn’t a fun shopping trip). So we are quite grateful we only have minor issues (in comparison). The fire/smoke restoration crew was in our neighborhood on Monday, doing work at our neighbors and walking around trying to get more business.

The only bummer is it seems Edison requires we purchase the items first, and they will reimburse us (and I am assuming here that it won’t be the full amount). For us, it’s not that big of a hassle (the garage door being the main concern), but for our neighbors - I can’t even imagine! The back alley is full of fried appliances (hmmm … I wonder who’s paying the pick-up charges?).

Just wanted to let you know we’re home (and thanks to everyone who contacted us to help out). And to share the moral of the story: ALWAYS unplug everything whenever Edison (or a contractor) is working on your home or in your neighborhood. Better yet - turn your breakers off!


  1. Thanks for the update. We were wondering how things went.

    You know, we got rid of our microwave last year. I was surprised by how much we had to adjust at first but now I don't miss it. Oh, and now we have more counterspace. YAY! PLus, isn't stovetop popcorn much tastier?!

    Glad you guys are doing better. What an "adventure."

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