Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Traci's Birthday Bash

July 4th marks the celebration of our freedom!!!!!
But more than that it was the birthday of a special woman…
the woman I love and respect.
It started off very good for the birthday girl as she slept in until like 10:45am. That’s because we partied the night before with the fam. (& Lisa). We went to dinner at our favorite place, Parkers Lighthouse then walked around the village for a little while.
While my beautiful wife was sleeping I baked her a cake (my first ever!!)
Around 11:30 am we had surprise visitors......it was the Negrete’s coming to kidnap us for breakfast. (so we thought, it actually ended up being the whole day:)!)
So off to Heritage for brunch.....(not breakfast, because Traci slept in )
After brunch we ended up a their house and we watched the World Cup (which I am sure Traci loved), then Meredith and Horocio arrived and we watched the Pirates of the Caribbean (this was the first time we’ve seen it ....great movie).
After the movie came the BBQ’d dinner ...compliments of the Gregmeister.
It was about that time to kick Traci's birthday off with a BANG!
We drove to the Queen Mary for Fireworks....well, actually we drove to the beginning of the 710 freeway for fireworks ......it was great, 6 of us piled in the Negrete SUV......watching fireworks in the sky while singing patriotic songs..........compliment of Rebekah.
The real bang came when harbor patrol told us to move, so we did - only to find a better spot .....he must of known: closer to the 710 is way better than where we were.
Now my lovely bride is 26........WOW ....and still as beautiful as the day I met her!!!


  1. Sounds wonderful!!
    Happy Birthday Traci!!

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