Thursday, August 10, 2006

OH! My belly.

Yesterday marked my official “violation day**”, and what do you know?
We survived.
We have pictures.
I even considered posting them but I am not sure all of you
would be able to stomach … well … my stomach. I barely could. Why must they send you home with pictures of the inside of your stomach anyway? It’s nothing like an ultrasound people! It’s a fully colored, detailed photo.
I’ve always wondered what my esophagus looks like ;-)

All in all the day was uneventful (Lucky for me, I actually don’t remember most of the day, but Jason claims it was uneventful). I remember the mean woman forcing me to drink apple juice after I woke up, and then I remember throwing up the above said apple juice on the way home in the car. I remember asking if I could watch General Hospital, but I am not sure I ever did.
I remember talking to the anesthesiologist in the surgical room and then what seemed like a minute later waking up (without my shoes!) in a completely different room. I remember being wheeled out of the hospital to the car (hon, did I have my shoes on????????). And I of course remember watching 24 last night and waking up to the news of an “almost terrorist attack” this morning which had my mind all confused wondering if I dreamt 24 or was dreaming about the news, because the two seemed so very similar.

In the end all we learned is that I have “erythema of the antrum”,
which, for you non-medical scholars, means “redness in the stomach”. We’re going on 3 months of being sick – I think I could have told them my stomach was irritated … didn’t need a camera down the throat for that. However, biopsies were taken of the “erythema” spots, so we’re waiting on those. In the meantime I’ll continue popping my Prevacids (like a little kid with sweet tarts) and sipping on rice milk (because consuming diary in my home is now sinful).

**"Violation day" consisted of an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (trying saying that 3 times in a row!) and a Colonoscopy (which is GREAT fun, let me tell you).

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  1. oh, you poor thing. I am so sorry. We will be praying that you feel better real soon! Yuck. That did not sound like a fun event.