Friday, August 18, 2006

Tim & Faith

I was like 2 feet from Tim McGraw’s face last night!!!!! This was me ----> :-0! Our seats were absolutely amazing, and Tim came off the stage onto the floor. Jason was behind me telling me to “take pictures”, but with Tim McGraw right in front of you who can think about taking pictures????? So with the camera somewhere around my chest, I started randomly pushing the button, not at all focusing or aiming or do anything aside from starting, thus we have several pictures that look like this:
I was so bummed afterwards that I didn’t take a pix of them being right in front of me. But I guess the first hand experience is more exciting then worrying about picture taking anyway.

The stage was a huge X shape and the show was done in a theatre in the round style. We were seated directly at the end of one of the catwalks. I couldn’t figure out the camera and was more concerned with the show, so I had it on nighttime flash – which requires you to hold the camera steady & I didn’t, which made a ton of the pictures ultra blurry. The regular flash didn’t work well though. Depending on where on the stage they were, some of them are fine - it seems the further away they were the better the photo turned out. So, please excuse our blurriness (yes, blurriness is a word):

In other news ….
1. KZLA went off the air!! The only country music in LA/OC gone! :-(! Tim had a few choice words about that last night. Praise the Lord for XM radio.
2. We received the biopsy reports from my stomach lining biopsies yesterday. It was pretty much a plain paper with the hand written words:
“No cancer found. No infection found. No malabsorbtion disorders.”
Thank God. I guess we’ll know more at my next appt.


  1. VERY COOL!! Sounds like a lot of fun!

    Praise the Lord for great test results!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    (and we were surprised when we got into the van yesterday and KZLA wasn't there. Annabel was bummed but is on a mission to find a substitute. lol)

  2. traci

    did you not love the i need you song?
    love all the pictures!!:)

    andrea (hp)