Monday, October 30, 2006

And the winner is …

Mrs. Rebekah Negrete (actually, that’s Mrs. California, Rebekah Negrete to you).

She was awesome (as usual) and beautiful (again – as usual) and totally deserved to win (and I am not at all biased!). We are so, so proud of her and so, so excited to see what the year (& Chicago) will bring. Jason screamed and yelled so loud for her that the people around us thought that he was her husband (in fact the man in front of us turned around to tell us she had the most beautiful smile in the room – and she did). Rebekah will spend the year advocating for her platform ‘Foster – Adoption Awareness’ which is awesome because as some of you know this upcoming year will (God willing) hold some exciting news in that department. She will have the opportunity to make very cool contacts and educate/encourage/speak on things that she is passionate about. Thank God for the impact she’ll be able to have. Anyway, I am hoping all of my buttering up here will get me out of a little deal I made :-) , so … with out further ado, here are some of the pix of my very hot (& Godly) best friend:

I didn't get any pictures during the pagaent itself b/c they wouldn't let us, but Tami sent me some shots of us hanging around during the weekend:


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    How cool! CONGRATULATIONS REBEKAH!!!! We agree, she is totally beautiful..inside and out. Love all of the pics too!

  2. You are sure buttering it up. It must have been some deal you got yourself into. Are you going to give us details? huh?

    p.s - you ALL are beautiful.

  3. so is this going to be you next year? that's what i hear. from a little, tiny fly that was in the room when you made that deal.