Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When I say “I’m busy” …

… what I really mean is “I’m lazy”.

I got a phone call from an old friend of mine (she was one of my bridesmaids). It’s been an incredibly long time since we’ve spoken and my first remark to her was “I’m so sorry I haven’t called you – I’ve been so busy”. After we hung up I thought about that comment and wondered exactly how true it was. Sure, we are busy people, but yet I still have time to badger Kevin for the newest 24 series so we can sit in front of our TV while it sucks our brain cells out for hours at a time. Some how I manage time to update our blog (which I use to justify the fact that I am so behind on our actual scrapbooks). And I’ve read countless pointless fiction novels over the last few months. All of these are actually good things … but at what expense?

The fact of the matter is that I’m lazy. Or maybe it’s selfish. I remember an According to Jim episode (yes, I’m back to referring to the TV again) where the dad (Jim, I guess?) was watching sports and kept telling his children that he was “too busy” to play with them. The wife was upset and somehow NBC (I believe?) turned it into a half hour of (brain cell sucking) comedy. I wonder how many of us do that. Brush aside important things (relationships) because we are too lazy, too comfortable, “too busy” to pay attention to what really matters. This week I found myself lacking at our bible study (I hadn’t completed the lesson plan), of course it’s because “we’ve had a crazy week”. But when I think back there are moments and hours that went by useless because I spent them screwing around on the internet or with my eyes fixed on what Mr. Jack Bower was going to do next. How can that be more important then delving into the word of God?

Granted – there are times when a nap with my husband is more treasured then a phone call with a high school girlfriend. I guess my point is I am not proud of my constant excuse of “we’ve been so busy”. And I think it would be good to attempt to make each moment spent a God honoring moment, so at night I can look back and feel glad at what’s been accomplished during the day (whether that be a clean kitchen or a long bike ride with my son).

Time, like money, is a gift from God. We can spend it wisely or unwisely – the choice is ours.

"There is always enough time," writes Elisabeth Elliot, "to do the will of God. For that we can never say, 'I don't have time.' If God gives us something to do He will also give us the time necessary to complete the task. He will not frustrate us. Though everyone is given the same daily allotment --24 hours-- God is very creative with the 1,440 minutes within.”

My phone just gave me its little bleeping tone – I checked it … it’s a text from Greg saying “I’m praying for you!”
Isn’t our God awesome?


  1. Robin2:43 PM

    you're always one to challange me. Thanks traci.

    AND - there is nothing wrong with a little Jack Bauer every once in awhile.

  2. i love the way you referred back to 24 with "everyone is given the same daily allotment---24 hours" I love the show too.
    I totally agree with you about "not enough time". I ask myself the same question about how I spend countless hours in front of the tv letting it suck away my brain.
    I know that the daily distractions of work, "home"work and then relaxing is taking me away from God's word and I need to get my butt in gear to spend daily quiet times and read my Bible to hear what God is trying to tell me.
    It's been a rough week for me too. But the only reason it seemed so much worse is because I didn't focus on God.
    Thanks for the reminder

  3. Esther - you give me far too much credit girl. I didn't even notice the connection w/ the "24". You're a insightful reader!

  4. It was me. So you have not been busy, huh. Just lazy. J/k. I love you and it's good to talk to you. I never get to spend time with my married friends.