Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Props to snapfish.

We took our Christmas photos on Thursday night (crazy fun!). I ordered 40 photo cards Friday around lunch time. They were in our mailbox Monday morning.

At first I freaked, thinking I had accidentally paid an arm and a leg for overnight shipping or something, but after reviewing the bill realized I hadn’t. Snapfish is just super speedy!

I’ll post a little hint of a sneak peek at our photos for you:


  1. Robin3:03 PM

    Your Christmas photos are of your feet????? ;-)
    Just SHOW US already - you are too funny. (I already saw one super cute photo you took that night, I hope it's the one you choose). I don't know how you get those boys to do the things they do for you. There is no way Gavin would wear toe socks, not even if I begged. You guys are so much fun!

    Have you mailed them out?

  2. I am sure it will be adorable. I except nothing less from the Garbers.

  3. Where can I get cool socks like those?