Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Anniversaries, Heart Attacks and a Yugo.

Happy Anniversary to my mom and Roger who are somewhere in Mexico (or the middle of the ocean) celebrating with an 11 day cruise and an “extra large” balcony! 15 years and counting!

Last week my dad had a heart attack causing all sorts of commotion. Without getting all emotional & detailed on you, I’ll share that he’s now home with an ICD in his chest. An ICD is somewhat similar to a pace maker, though it’s an actual defibrillator. And from what I gather, that is the thing they use to “shock” you back to life (or at least that's what I learned from Grey’s!) when your heart is out of rhythm. So, this little thing will “shock” his heart into beating properly – all internally. In the ambulance ride where there were guys shocking him with the real defibrillators things - his heart was beating at 157 bpm! Gives new meaning to the cliche “my heart was racing”, doesn’t it? I don’t like scary stuff like this and must admit I am very tired of all of the hospital activity my family has seen in the last year and an half. So now, we’re counting on having my dad around for another 20+ years, in which every 5 years he’ll need to go get “re-charged”, as we can now lovingly tease him. I am thankful my daddy is still here & as ornery as ever!

Which bring me to the Yugo. No, it wasn’t an actual Yugo, but it might has well have been. In my efforts to get to AZ as quickly as I possibly could, I bid on a rental car on Priceline and never changed the category out of economy. On top of that I bid what I’d normally bid for a full-size car! So, I overpaid ($19 a day) for a piece of cr*p car that was bright red (because I can’t get enough speeding tickets on my own!) and had NO CD player. Who knew they even made cars without CD players? Anyway, when I got to the airport the guy at the counter notices I use Priceline and informs me that I could have bid $10 a day & it would have been accepted. Alas, the car provided cause for much laughter and I am sure 20 years from now we’ll still have those “Remember when we had that ugly red car …” comments which will no doubt bring a smile.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

For the record, SOMEONE did get a ticket over the weekend … though it wasn’t me! And it wasn’t in the red Yugo. (Oh, those AZ troopers!)

When we finally arrived home I walked into a stranger in my living room. He was sitting on top of my TV:

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Isn’t that the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? How can you look at that big ol’ head and NOT smile? And a smile was needed b/c our answering machine was full of messages from Chase credit services fraud division thinking that our card had been comprised. Turns out it wasn’t (just us in another state) but a worrisome matter nonetheless. I LOVE this snowman! We have the most amazing friends ever!!! :-)

So we’re home – we’re calm – we’re ready for birthdays and Christmas.

This is why I love Arizona:

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Well, that and this:


  1. I am glad every thing turned out okay. Thanks for calling me with an update. I love the red car!

  2. OH MY GOSH! What a week!

    Adorable Christmas cards!