Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas at our house

Why we LOVE December:

1. It's close to a new year
2. My birthday
3. Jesus' birthday
4. The smell of the Christmas tree
5. Christmas lights
6. Christmas dinner (sometimes more then one)


1. Andrew was born 12 years ago in Dec.
2. The weather is brisk so I get to cuddle with my babydoll
3. The smell of a Christmas tree………it just gets you in the mood for this time of year
4. I love decorating our house for Christmas
5. I love Tre’s Christmas cookies (Although she hasn’t made them yet!)
6. Our Savior’s birth.
7. I like shopping & picking out the perfect gifts!


*****Peppermint Oreo’s (actually they’re Joe Joe’s from Traders), not to mention Peppermint Mocha’s, Candy Cane cake, Pumpkin Latte’s, Rum balls, etc.
*****The house on Stearns St. It’s the most beautiful house in LB, with a full life size hand carved nativity scene. I purposely drive out of my way every afternoon on my way home from work, just so I can stare in awe daily. (Some of you might know what I’m talking about – it’s the guy who’s been cancer free for 11 years). On Christmas Eve Santa visits the house and you can take your photo with him!
*****The manager and all it represents. The birth of the Christ child who still lives today and graciously gives us hope!
*****Decorating – the lights, the candles, the EVERYTHING. Our home always looks so empty when we take things down :( - oh, I especially love unwrapping all the ornaments & remembering what ornament we got for each year and what it represents, etc. This year Andrew & Jason both picked their ornament from Mt. Vernon on our trip. Then we also bought a Noel ornament.
*****It’s Andrew’s b-day! While it’s scary to watch him get older and older and older (can we say teenager?) – He get’s so excited … and well, it’s contagious.
I *think* that’s my top 5. If I think about it anymore I’ll have a list too long for ya’ll to read. Oh – and I love that I can *make* (though they all actually LOVE it) the boys participate in family projects such as this one!

*****Ew - one more, and this one is probably my VERY favorite: spending some time each night going through our book of Christmas readings. All based on the Nativity, they are mostly sermons, poems, songs, etc. written hundreds of years ago, but their truth still speaks today. Okay, I am done. Really.

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