Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Decorating our Christmas Tree(s)

It is an old German story - that Saint Wilfred transformed the heathen Teuton worship in the forest in the Christmas ceremony. About 732 years after the birth of Jesus Christ, he took a band of priests with him and sought to convert the worshipers of Thor. It was on Christmas Eve, while they were fighting their way through the deep snow in the dense forest, that they came upon a savage tribe assembled under a thick oak tree, which was symbolic of the god of thunder, Thor. The old, white haired priest of the tribe was about to offer as a sacrifice to Thor the young, beautiful son of the tribe’s chief. When Wilfred saw it he rushed forward and warded off the arm that was about to slay the child. The tribesmen were all delighted at the saving of their favorite, and because of this act they very soon became converts to Christianity. Saint Wilfred then took his ax and started to cut down the old oak tree. As it was about to fall, lightning stuck it and rended it into many pieces, and in its place there sprang up a little fir tree, green and sparkling. They carried this little fir tree to the chief captains hall, and set it in the middle of the room and round it they all made merry. It was around this first Christmas tree that the old, old story of Jesus and his love was told to the Teuton tribes, and in short they all became Christians.

Let us not forget that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus, and while we gather around the Christmas tree let us give our little hearts to Jesus as a Christmas present. He says today, “Give me your heart.”
-Reverend Alfred Barratt

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