Thursday, December 14, 2006

Since you’ve been asking –

What is that funny little new place by your house and HOW do you pronounce it? I swear this question is asked of me a minimum of once a day. Well, folks – we have an answer for you! We dropped in last weekend & Traci has since described it as “the Trader Joes’ of 7-11’s” (probably b/c they sell Pirates Booty & Tom’s products). Here is a more detailed description:

Can there be high-end, stylish convenience stores?
There are in Japan, and now a Japanese company has brought Famima, the trendy gourmet convenience/grocery store, to our shores. One just opened in Long Beach at the corner of Clark Street and Los Coyotes Diagonal (near Stearns Street).
The store has a little bit of everything — from pre-made meals such as panini sandwiches to sushi rolls (in clear plastic to-go containers), Mochi ice cream to Marlboros. The mix is eclectic, but still the convenience part of convenience store still seems to be there.
Famima stores are sprouting up fast in the hip areas of Southern California: West Hollywood, Westwood, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Hollywood — and now Long Beach.
The store is an interesting blend of Japanese and American cultures. Find out for yourself at 5094 E. Los Coyotes Diagonal, or log on to

Taken from, written by Kurt Helin.

So, now you’re in the know.
Stop by for some sushi & coffee (but make sure you call for our order first!). Contact your stockbroker, it’s looking like this baby store might boom!

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  1. We were wondering what that was! Thanks for the info. :-)