Thursday, January 25, 2007

It doesn’t snow in Malibu!

Okay, Southern California gardeners aren’t taught how to handle frosts and freeze. Why? Because it doesn’t happen here! All that watering, mulching, frost cloth stuff … we don’t do that at the beach (or is it just me?). Anyway, because of my lack of freeze knowledge all of our plants are now ugly. The grass is a weird yellowish color, I am not sure our apple tree will survive and things are all pretty much frumpy looking. On top of that I am using the freezing weather as an excuse for our messy house. It’s too cold to clean! Really, it is. I have a list of things that need to get done (clean carpets, organize all of the stuff on the table I set there to organize and someone got distracted and left it all there, etc.). This weather, however, seems to beg that we snuggle up with hot coco or chai tea and watch a movie instead.

Anyway, my point (yes, I actually have a point here) is that the other day I actually stepped out front, and to my surprise there was brilliant pink in our garden (honestly, given all the dead stuff, it sort of looks out of place). This plant has not bloomed in all of the years it’s been there; apparently it’s fond of freezing. Thus, we have color:

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