Friday, January 26, 2007

New links

I've added 2 new links, the first being Christian Homemaking, which is free and has a lot of neat articles, etc.

The second is my secret to being a good cook (well, per my husband anyway). We’ve used Saving Dinner for over 2 years now, and while I tend to stray from the schedule on occasion, it –for the most part- has encouraged us to eat home made (like, from scratch), healthful meals on a nightly basis. It’s not free, but in my mind it’s well worth the cost - we subscribe to the weekly menu-mailers (a working girl needs all the help she can get to stay organized). I’ve already shared it with a lot of you, so most of you know about it (& use it) anyway.

Also, I’ve been checking out Living On A Dime lately. We’re really attempting to be good stewards w/ our money and I love finding new idea’s to accomplish that – this site is full of them. (Actually, Brandi & our Walgreens talk is what encourged me to seek out this site).


  1. Very resourceful....thank you

  2. I had subscribed to your "Notes for a changed life" blog, but I am going to subscribe to this one now b/c I think I can keep up w/ you a little more often :) You pop in my mind quite a bit, I always say a prayer for you and thank God for you and the blessing you have been to me, and so many others. I had heard of "saving dinner" and been interested in checking out the book. I like the flylady's stuff too, and have been trying to follow those ideas. I also get ideas from I always tweak them to fit my style and I an extrebmly 'relaxed' sort of gal, just can't make things too strict, but if I don't plan ahead mealtimes, I know I will be sorry! Thanks for sharing. Love always,
    Miriam (from HP)