Thursday, January 04, 2007

The weirdest thing ...

...we've ever had to "consent" to. The following had to be signed as part of an information packet at LB Memorial - just to get an out-patient X-RAY. It was re-read about 4 times because I wasn't sure it was really saying what I was getting out of it.

During clinic visits or hospitalization, the patient (you) may be visited by celebrities, clowns, musicians, or other entertainers, when this happens, photographs or video tapes may be taken which include the patient (you). The pictures may be used in newspapers, magazines, on television, or in hospital publications. The undersigned (you) hereby authorizes the hospital and/or physician to photograph or permit other persons to photograph the patient (you). The negative or prints of such photographs or videotapes may be used for educational, research, documentation or public relations purposes.
Sign here: _________

No joke!
It's a little disappointing to have to sign all that and then not have a singing clown come visit you!


  1. he he he, hey am i chopped liver? i could pass as a singing clown j/k