Monday, February 05, 2007

Heart Gallery Gala

Saturday night we went to the Orange County Heart Gallery Gala. The Heart Gallery is a program that has professional photographers take amazing pictures of foster children that are available for adoption in each particular county (for us this weekend, it was Orange). This is beneficial as it not only exposes the need for foster and adoptive parents (the gallery travels throughout the year to malls, churches, libraries, etc.), but the photographer also attempts to capture the essence of the child in the picture. Rather then random snapshots, they are shot in settings that fit each child and draw you into the photograph, in the hopes of finding these children their forever families.

The Gala was the “unveiling” of the 2007 photographs and a fundraiser to raise money for the Heart Gallery. Rebekah was a guest speaker and she told the story of how fostering has had such an impact in her family. Something Jason noticed on the screen at one point during the night was a quote that read “I wasn’t born in my mommy’s womb; I was born in her heart.” What an amazing gift!


  1. That must have been so special. Your friend Rebekah is Miss (Mrs?) California, right? That is so neat! Seems like you all had a great time. Enjoying the slide show of your family and friends. You have such a beautiful family, in heaven and earth!

  2. ok so yours is so much better said than mine, dog gone it all :-) by the way i corrected your name (he he) and for the record isn't spelt actually spelled? ;)