Thursday, February 08, 2007

A letter of reference

I just spent the last hour or so writing a recommendation letter for some of my closet friends who are involved in the adoption/fostering process. It forced me to get into detail about each of their personalities individually, and made me realize how very blessed we are to have such amazing friends. And how blessed we are to have such a strong couple to hold us accountable in our own marriage. As I just finished telling the agency, I can honestly say that the child God has in store for them is going to be abundantly blessed – what an amazing family to be born into (whether that be in the heart or womb).

Okay, enough hormonal, emotional woman ramblings for the day! ;-P

(p.s – while I am at it – I cherish our parking lot prayer huddles – GO TEAM!).

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  1. i think i just squirted a tear :-) i love you guys!