Thursday, February 08, 2007

Look at me ... being consistent and all ...

I could care less about material things (well, except for cute shoes & dresses), let’s throw it all out and live the simple life. This isn’t our “home” anyway. Right? If only my husband would agree (such a city boy, that man). Anyway, I saw this topic somewhere and thought it might be something fun & challenging (for me) that I would never normally talk about:

Thirteen of my favorite “possessions”:

1. My white teddy bear that my great grandma gave me. I recently pulled it out of hiding when we thought Edison had fried our house and we were evacuated. It needed a good cleaning so I gave it one.
2. A box of letters, photos and movie tickets from the ‘Jason – Traci, 96-98’ era. Back then I thought Jason hung the moon, boy – did I have a lot to learn (j/k baby!).
3. My garlic press. It’s my favorite kitchen item. I love it.
4. My hammock – a little bit of heaven on earth!
5. A poesy that Jason bought me last year. It says VOUS ET NUL AUTRE.
6. Burt’s Bees chap stick. Don’t leave home with out.
7. All the photos I have of Grace and Olivia.
8. My bread machine – without that we’d never ever have homemade bread. I don’t knead for hours on end … it’s just not in me.
9. My wedding ring. It’s a symbol of my covenant with my husband, my best friend.
10. My little black dress; every girl needs one, right? Every once in awhile it’s nice to just be a woman!
11. Not to get all “Christianese” on you, but my bible. I mean really … how blessed are we that we can freely open the word of God and read it aloud?
12. A stack of sweet cards/notes I’ve gotten from Andrew, mostly on Mothers Day.
13. A t-shirt I bought in Germany when I was 16. It’s the most comfortable shirt in the world! Jason hates it. LOL.


  1. Very impressive!!!! I am proud.

  2. awesome. i am proud also.