Thursday, February 15, 2007

Whew .. I'm on a roll

Thirteen things that surprise me.

1. My inability to remember where I parked my car.
I can stop at the store, run in to get one item, walk out less then 5 minutes later and still have no clue where I parked the car.

2. How much we really make in a year!
You know when you do your taxes and you see that annual total income figure and you’re like “WE MADE HOW MUCH?”. Don’t get me wrong, our figure is by far not large (in fact, some of you might even find it laughable), but it always takes me by surprise, and I can’t help but wonder where in the world all that money went.

3. Astronauts.
Aren’t they supposed to be smart? I mean, really, how much time did she think she’d save by wearing a diaper?? REALLY? She could have went to Walmart and bought a portable toilet in the camping section.

4. Target sells Coach.
At first glance I thought it was just a very good knockoff, but nope: the wallet sells for $170.00. Now, is the average Target-going shopper likely to spend $250 on a purse? I don’t think so either.

5. My husband’s ability to romance me time and time again.
The man can turn pizza and candles into a romantic night. I’ve received a Valentine every singe day for the last two weeks. He never ceases to amaze me.

6. I judge others.
I do (and more likely then not, you do too). I base my opinions on first impressions. Then I get to really know someone and I am always surprised at how they are nothing like what I first thought. Don’t worry, I am working on this. I should know better – I am very cautious with who I open up to as well.

7. How much grey hair I have.
I do, really I do. I just keep telling myself that according to Proverbs it’s a sign of wisdom.

8. How hard it is for me to not order a soda.
I just might have a Pepsi addiction. Don’t judge, ya’ll have your own weird addictions. We don’t ever have it in our house (except for cream soda, which we’ll buy for special occasions – like when Izzy & Audrey come over for dinner). And it’s not because we’re junk food snobs, it’s because if we were to buy a box of Ho-Ho’s and a six pack on a Friday … well, it’d be completely gone by Monday. We’d happily consume it all. So we don’t have it – no junk food or soda at home. So sad.

9. People’s lack of sensitivity when it comes to loss.
Even those who have been there still can be incredibly insensitive.

10. The amount of people who are reading this.
It’s quite silly really. This last week the blog averaged 24 hits per day. Perhaps my topics should be more profound? Or maybe it's just our moms?

11. How Andrew and his teammates keep up with what’s going on during a b-ball game.
Between the coaches yelling, the other kids pushing, and the ref’s secret hand gestures I have no idea what’s what half the time. Yet the players stay on top of the game (pun intended) & are in control!

12. How many people ask me if I am still in High School.
I visited my stylist about a month ago and the receptionist lady asked where my prom was (this was me with freshly dyed hair and no makeup – scary!)! I ALWAYS get carded, and people can never believe I’ve been married so long (earlier the marriage, longer the love!). Or worse, how many people stop me and ask if I am that girl from Everwood. A lady in church even asked for my autograph once. Sorry folks, not famous and not a teenager (though I don’t mind being told I look young, as long as it continues when I am 50!).

13. The provisions we receive.
Emotional, financial, physical. I am always awed at how God provides for us even when we’re not really paying much attention. The verse I’ve been meditating on for the last week became very relevant to things that took place yesterday. Amazing! Last weekend I bought two conversation chairs w/ down pillows for TWENTY dollars at an estate sale. They will be reupholstered to fit “me”, but given our money mission, this is SUCH a blessing!


  1. We read becuase it is funny. We are laughing with (at?) you.

    Third time is the secret number. You are in the club now. Welcome to being a cool kid.

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Oh, please keep taking part in this. I love reading your posts. This one made me laugh out loud in a waiting room. Thanks.

  3. traci, when are you going to start writing women's are too talented to keep this solely for blogging...