Thursday, April 19, 2007

Re: VA Tech

The following article can be found in full on our sidebar, click on "You're dead; I'm healing". But being the big nerdy Dennis Prager fan I am, I wanted to share the below piece with you here. If you have the time click over and read the article in full. After watching the videos last night on Fox news online I can't help but feel anger myself at that madman.

Immediate talk of "healing" is not the only rhetoric we should drop. Let's also drop the nearly universal moral absurdity of counting murderers among the dead. As of this writing, eight hours after the massacre, I see on all the networks "32 dead." It should read "31 murdered." I do not know when exactly this notion of counting murderers along with their victims began, but it is a moral travesty.

No news organization would have imagined giving the number of dead at Pearl Harbor so as to include Japanese pilots shot down. But in our age of moral neutrality, all dead are given equal weight -- the terrorist along with his victims; the shooter along with the students.

Why is the Virginia Tech murderer always referred to as the "gunman" and not the "murderer"? Had he stabbed a dozen students to death, would he be the "knifeman"?

And why is it always referred to as a "tragedy"? Virginia Tech wasn't hit by a cyclone. That would be a tragedy. This was evil. Call it that.


  1. Robin2:17 PM

    I agree - AMEN! I can't get to the full article though.

  2. Hi.
    I clicked on your blog from Noah Steven's. I saw that your grandmother has Alzheimer's, and my grandmother did also. It was devastating to watch this once-vibrant woman come to a place where she no longer knew us and could not speak. My mother-in-law has just been diagnosed, and she seems to be deteriorating so quickly.
    I don't know why I chose to respond to this particular blog, but something reached out and grabbed me. I felt sick to my stomach watching the VA Tech newscasts, and I was so angry how much air-time they gave to the murderer. But, at the same time, I wrote his parents' name in my prayer journal that night (along with the other families), because they too have lost a son. Yes, it's definitely evil, and yes he's a murderer (and should be called that), but oh how his family must grieve over seeing what he's done, seeing some of his last hours splashed across a million TV screens and having that as their last memory of him. He is gone to them forever, both who they probably hoped he would be and what he would become, as well as his life as their son as he was. I guess I just wanted to acknowledge that this was a life lost and while perhaps he should have been separated from those whose lives he mericilessly took, he is among the dead, and I imagine his parents grieve over it.
    (I understand if you choose to delete my comment, by the way. And, I have to say how much I enjoy your animated pictures. Would love to know how you do that.)