Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the package.

I got home from work this afternoon to a large FTD package sitting on my table. I asked Jason what is was – he tells me he doesn’t know, he left it for me to open. This must have taken a lot from my husband, b/c he LOVES opening packages!

In the box were beautiful pink & white tulips w/ a sweet note from some amazing people, Scott & Michele. What has been on my mind since is how incredibly sweet this gift is – that, and I would not have ever known Michele had this not all happened.

The story of her own twins touched my heart deeply years ago and now, by a hand orchestrating things far greater then I could imagine, I am blessed with the friendship of someone who has been there. Exactly there.

It amazes me. It’s incredible. The kindness of others and the bonds created between people through circumstance is one that awes me.

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