Friday, June 01, 2007

This is costing me $330

When I left my house for work Thursday morning, everything was normal ... flowers growing, kids walking to school, all the curbs were the same color. When I walked out to my car this morning things were different. I was parked in a blue zone (which somehow magically appeared directly in front of my house) and I had a ticket on my windshield, with a fee of $330 circled, and a time stamp of 10:30pm - about an hour after I had squeezed my car in to that spot.

#1 - I am not sure how the heck I was supposed to know the curb color had changed, there are no signs & I was not notified - typically one does not check to see if the color of their curb (again, directly in front of their house) has randomly changed overnight. #2 - I don't know how on earth a cop would be able to tell I was in a handicap zone. It was dark, the street was full (street sweeping day, so we were all parked on one side of the street)! How could he see the blue curb? I didn't see it in the dark!

As luck would have it - I just started parking on the street last week. I've parked the car in our garage for years. We moved some stuff in there last week & decided I would park on the street for the summer. Bad idea.


  1. Robin4:05 PM

    I hope you took the photo because u plan on fighting this ticket? Maybe that dumb old neighbor of yours did it. Again.

  2. Man, that sucks but is so funny at the same time. I think I may even use that in a sermon illustration one of these days. By the way, "The Garber Shop"...clever.