Tuesday, July 03, 2007


We spent the beginning of last week at my dad’s house in Mohave Valley (about a half hour out of Laughlin, along the CO river) and then drove the 1 ½ hours north to Las Vegas, just in time to pick up my mom at the airport. We spent the weekend in Vegas doing what people do in Vegas (eating at buffets, of course) and watching Andrew play in NJB’s Las Vegas Spectacular tournament. His team didn’t do well on the “winning” level, but Andrew himself was awesome (as always --- says the impartial step mom). He shot his first 3 pointer (in a game) – his coach never let him try before (so I am told), apparently he took it upon himself to do so this time around, and he made it. The coach originally stated that he wanted to bring the team to Vegas because the biggest, roughest teams were there - and that stood true. We were faced with loads of 6th graders who looked as if they were ready to graduate high school. It was a great time for gaining experience, learning, and loads of Vegas fun.

On our off time we swam, burnt (see how NOT to apply sunscreen below), ate (fried twinkes, among other things), watched water dance, and saw Monty Python & the Holy Grail w/ John O’Hurley @ the Wynn. Very funny musical – we even left with our very own Holy Grails, which at one point we’re filled with a yummy strawberry concoction.

But there’s never anything as good as coming home! If you put your cursor on the bottom area of the slide show you can view the comments.

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