Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bara' ---- a clean heart.

If you have never done a Beth Moore study I suggest you get off your duff and get your nose into one. The woman is incredible. I have never learned so much about God’s character in my life. There is such passion. The lessons are interesting, however the homework is hard & time consuming, but what better way could there be to spend our time??

Right now I am learning about creation vs. formation. Which is glorious because my astronomy professor threw out the word evolution twice this week & I really needed back up. But something else about it struck me tonight with such excitement that I must share!

Pslams 51:10
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

The Hebrew term for the word “create” here is bara’ (to create, shape, form. To fashion, create – always with God as the subject). Which means when “bara’” is used it’s indicating that something is being created from nothing (also see Heb. 11:3). The other Hebrew word used in the Genesis account for the means by which God caused things to exist is yastar. Yastar is often translated to “formed” and can represent a thing formed from previously existing materials. What I LOVE about the verse above is that it states that God does not form (yastar) clean hearts in us with the existing materials of our righteous acts and self-disciplines. God creates clean hearts from nothing (bara’).He gives us pure hearts and He does so in response to our sincerest repentance and desire to be pure before Him. Glory to His name!

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  1. I love Beth Moore. But I probably should say loved more because it has been a while and I had a really hard time when at church we started a "Believing God" class and I was so struggling...perhaps I still am and really wish I could do it right now. Have you done that study of B. Moore?

    BTW, is this "Living Beyond Yourself" about the Fruit of the Spirit? It is the only one I did and I loved it. I do love how she teaches from the greek or Hebrew, the original language, although it makes it harder sometimes with the homework, but oh so worth it!