Saturday, August 18, 2007

My favorite things about surf camp

--- I liked seeing the dolphins jump. It was cool when one touched my board.

--- Also I liked going out of the white wash. The white wash is where the waves don't crash yet.

--- I also like doing turtle rolls. Turtle rolls are where you grab the nose of the board and roll under the wave.

Side note from Traci:
Friday night we had a Mexico night where we were able to view slideshows/ videos of the missions trip, hear stories about the team, and sing some of the songs they learned. Each team member was also "awarded" for something special they brought to the group - Andrew was given the He-Man award!

Also, Jason wanted me to mention that his team came in first during Men's Olympics today. Andrew's team came in 2nd place so they both came home with medals on. (I imagine he'll post a photo for ya'll to see!).

Sorry for hijacking Drew's post (he thought hard about this!)

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