Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is why I'll never do a pageant:

I am not going to post the video b/c I feel bad enough for the poor girl, but I am sure most of ya'll have already seen it. Gotta give her props for being so strong in other areas that she came in 3rd runner up.

My precious friend, Rebekah (currently holding title of Queen of the world!) wants me to do a pageant. My answer has been a resounding no (b/c my on-stage answer would probably be worse!).

Some tiara's were made for in the-home-use only! :)

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  1. so...i was at that pageant live and it was painful i tell ya...i'm really not sure how that happened...poor girl, that's your worst pageant nightmare and it happened live on national tv. did you see her interview on matt lauer where she was asked to answer it again? i didn't see but heard she explained herself...poor thing...