Thursday, September 20, 2007

My fav.'s about Autumn

1. It starts on Sunday … wahoo! It’s a season of much change!
2. The decorations. I deck out our house with fall stuff, I love it!
3. Picking pumpkins … really, any excuse to spend the day @ Rileys farm.
4. Picking apples … see above … and all of the yummy things we can make from those apples … apple stuffed chicken, apple strudel, apple butter, apple pie, baked candied apples … I am hungry.
5. Busting out the harvest time cookbooks! They are my favorite cookbooks, full of delicious warm, comfy recipes.
6. Preparing and anticipating Christmas.
7. Football (My husband will be confused as he reads this). I really don’t like football – don’t understand the idea of grown men being paid billions of dollars to chase a piece of leather (how dare I!) … but there’s something to say about the nostalgia of a high school football game. That I love.
8. Long, hot showers. There’s nothing more relaxing then a very long, and very hot shower before bed. It’s hard to do this during the summer … autumn brings crisp nights … perfect for shower time! I come out a whole new woman! Then I crawl into bed with Beth Moore (well, with Jason physically, & Beth imparting her wisdom from my laptop).
9. Spiced pumpkin bars, need I say more? My all time favorite dessert recipe!
10. Rainy days. (Assuming we see some rain this year). Perfect for pumpkin spice lattes!
11. Foliage. Yes, a bit hard to come by in this part of the state … but our neighbor has maple trees; they are beautiful (and someday my husband will plant me my very own maple tree).
12. Pumpkin spice body wash. I love taking showers at Rebekahs just so I can use it (which you’re almost out, btw … time for re-stocking!). Andrew even loves using it! I bought my own bottle at Target last week, but it doesn’t compare to B&B Works. Speaking of which, I plan on soaking in your big ol' jetted tub while you're gone this weeked, girl!
13. The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

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  1. I love autumn too :) Pumpkin bars? Will you share the recipe? That sounds so yummy. I almost bought some pumpkins at the grocery stores but wanted to go out in the country so I can start seeing the leaves on the trees change and turn golden, red and orange :)