Saturday, September 15, 2007

The danagers of receiving mail:

Let me start w/ two facts:
1. We love our mailman. One day he knocked on our door & asked us if we'd allow him to withhold all pregnancy/baby related mail. He said he'd feel awful leaving it at our door ... so for the past 2+ years he's thrown about 95% of that stuff away before we see it. A few items still slip through, but he tries his best. Him & Jay have long talks. The guy is on our Christmas list. We love our mailman.
2. I am a bit hormonal today. I've been sick. The breast cancer walk ladies walked by our house all day (we're part of the path) and I pretty much teared up watching the passerby's yell encouragement to them.

So, I was gardening this afternoon ... I had just finished and was pulling my garden buddy to the backyard. I hear SCREAMING in the front, so I walk through the house to find Koby sitting at the front door (inside) and a fill-in mail lady about 20 feet down the path (our guy must be on a well deserved vacation). I step outside and Koby follows ... she says "Grab your dog" ...

Those of you who know Koby very well know that he would not harm a fly. Even if a robber broke in and I wanted him too - the dog wouldn't do it. He'd roll on his back and force the robber to rub his belly by exerting his doggy cuteness. I full well realize that this lady doesn't know Koby, for all she knows he could be a vicious mean mail-lady eating dog ... I mean, it's possible he could ... right?

So, I walk a bit closer to her pushing Koby back with my leg, he eagerly tries to follow me anyway. When (I kid you not) the lady reaches to her side and grabs out of her hip holster (seriously!) a can of mase (really!) and points it at us! Then she states "Take control of ya' dog or ya' aint' getting ya' mail!" (I thought an exact quote was more important then proper grammar here).

I look down at my foot and 1/2 tall dog ... who at this point has not barked at all, not even let out a little yelp ... he's sitting behind my feet looking at the crazy lady. I ponder the thought that I should probably sympathize with the fact that she is fearful of dogs, but sympathy is hard to come by when you're nearly being assaulted. I bite my tongue, trying not to exclaim "ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?".

I kneel down, grab Kobys collar and then look up at the mail lady, who has mase in one hand and my mail in the other. We stare at each for awhile, then I irritably state "Well, you're going to have to walk it over to me, I can't hold him and come to you". She bends over and hands me my mail. Bills, no less.

After she turned around I strongly considered calling out "Go get her buddy!" Not that Koby would have ... he'd just sit at my feet ... but it might have been fun. Not worth a face full of mase, but fun. Told you I was hormonal.


  1. i'm in stitches...and i already knew the ya gotta love the picture, here's to koby!! God forbid it was Coco, that mail lady would have never stood a chance.

  2. I think you should have told Koby to sic her. That would have been funny.....

    Koby is a beautiful dog.....I have always wanted a cocker spaniel.

  3. Shss...mail lady was probably way more hormonal than you! It would have been hard for me too not want to yell at her back! But you inspire me with trying to see the 'part we don't see' about her (maybe she is afraid of dogs because of a scary accident, etc)

  4. HAHAHA.. that picture totally adds to the story. What a ferocious dog!

    Annabel met Koby at your moms. Normally she gets nervous around dogs but said Koby was really sweet. She got a good laugh at the maillady story too.

    Hope your regular guy is back soon!!