Saturday, January 01, 2005

The story of us in 120:

  1. They were born 6 years minus 10 days apart...
  2. in sunny So. Cal ...
  3. and they've yet to live elsewhere.
  4. They first stood in the same room in 1994
  5. but didn't know each other.
  6. They met again in 1996...
  7. He attempted his best pick up lines ...
  8. the clincher being "You may have his pager, but you have my heart" ...
  9. (feel free to roll eyes now)
  10. they then realized he was 22 and she, only 16...
  11. but they drank coffee and talked all night long any way.
  12. She broke her toe, took her SATs, & then drove to Hollywood just to see him again.
  13. He told her about his 1 year old son ...
  14. she was fearful of telling her mom ...
  15. turns out mom was willing to baby-sit for date nights.
  16. They gathered a “permission slip”. ;-)
  17. He kissed her, for the very first time, on Oct. 26, standing in the middle of an empty ice rink.
  18. He gave her an engraved jewelry box for that first Christmas ...
  19. .... it sits on her dresser to this day.
  20. He told her he loved her.
  21. She said "thank you" in reply ...
  22. for several months, actually.
  23. Through the years they grew and laughed ...
  24. and eventually split apart ...
  25. but she was still his best friend - and he was hers.
  26. In time they decided to try again (and again) ...
  27. but now there would be rules ...
  28. and Christ would be the center ... the foundation ...
  29. and it was better then he remembered
  30. and sweeter then she could imagine.
  31. Perhaps there were lessons to be learned in the time apart ...
  32. lessons in love and in giving of one self ...
  33. and matters of preparing ones' heart for the husband, for the wife, for the bridegroom.
  34. She planned a surprise birthday party
  35. and he planned to propose.
  36. She brought the cake and he brought the ring ...
  37. the ring she'd secretly picked out with a friend long ago
  38. the ring he'd been saving for.
  39. They chose March 2001 to celebrate the coming together of their lives
  40. as March represented the first of Spring ...
  41. the beginning of new life after the stillness of dormancy
  42. She said I DO and he replied FOREVER.
  43. They joined their hearts & became an instant family of 3.
  44. They moved into their new home…
  45. and built a foundation on which to grow ...
  46. and learned what it meant to be husband, wife, son.
  47. They created traditions and adventures …
  48. like blue pancakes,
  49. backwards nights,
  50. and numbered Christmas cards.
  51. They tightly knit together the threads of their family …
  52. with shared respect and joyful laughter.
  53. They enjoyed years of adventure and growth.
  54. One day she phoned him with an urgent request to come home
  55. and together they stood awed at a positive pregnancy test.
  56. The doctor announced “There’s baby A, and there’s baby B!”
  57. She sat in silent shock.
  58. Months later a tech smiled & stated “I’m pretty sure they’re both girls!”
  59. He sat in silent shock.
  60. They planned and dreamed, as parents do.
  61. But there were far better things in store for these twins
  62. and after 17 hours of labor
  63. they held their daughters, whispering tearful goodbyes
  64. and then they gave them back to the Lord.
  65. A new pregnancy would come soon
  66. but that child wasn’t meant for Earth either.
  67. He wears a band in memory of his daughters
  68. She looks at their feet print which adorn a living room wall
  69. They will always hold a place in the home, in their hearts.
  70. And they have learned immense lessons in surrendering
  71. and in grace and forgiveness
  72. and in utter reliance.
  73. They lived each day in gratitude.
  74. The weekends became filled with sports games
  75. soccer and football and basketball.
  76. They planned new journeys
  77. to the valleys of Yosemite,
  78. isolated islands in Misomolaya bay, Mexico,
  79. the steps of Lincoln memorial,
  80. the top of the Empire State Building,
  81. coves in the Colorado river,
  82. vineyards’ in Napa, and castles in San Simeon.
  83. Each new adventure creating precious memories.
  84. They make big Sunday breakfasts
  85. and watch movies at the beach during the summer.
  86. They lazily lie in the hammock and read
  87. or spend days “building” crooked tables.
  88. He still sings her Sinatra on road trips
  89. and she still packs notes in his lunch.
  90. He is passionate about coaching children
  91. and enjoys teaching and technique.
  92. She prefers to spend time being creative
  93. seeking to learn & experience new things.
  94. Eventually they felt God calling them to adoption.
  95. The researched internationally
  96. but felt roadblock after roadblock.
  97. During one frustrating weekend, they had a heart to heart with God
  98. and the very next day He not so gently dropped foster care in their lap.
  99. Together, with the encouragement and guidance of friends
  100. they began thier journey.
  101. Delay after irritating delay they encountered
  102. but they held to the hope that God was preparing the perfect child
  103. for thier family, and preparing them for the child.
  104. Six months after the first paperwork was filed
  105. a two year old little guy came to live with them.
  106. He filled thier home and hearts with love and noise!
  107. They sometimes wonder if God made him just for them.
  108. He's the same exact age thier twin daughters would be
  109. concieved at the same time,
  110. perfect gifts from their Father.
  111. They moved into being a family of 4.
  112. New trips and memories along the way.
  113. God willing the boy will be adopted, making them a forever family.
  114. One day they started a simple blog
  115. to share their journey & crazy adventures.
  116. He is still madly in love …
  117. and she is still head over heals …
  118. Together they ponder what tomorrow will hold
  119. they create goals and confidently trust in the One who holds their future
  120. for they know their story is just beginning …


  1. ...i'm speechless...this is the most beautiful way to share about you two...and the wonderful part is...i know first hand it is two are an amazing couple and greg and I are blessed to have you as our friends...we're glad we're a part of your story too :-)

  2. Wow, that is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Btw, Steve was 22 and I was 17 when we first met in 1995.

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    That is so sweet! Praise God for your story! Love, Hope

  4. Anonymous10:35 PM

    awesome! you two are such an example to us. thank you for opening your hearts to others.

  5. Thank you for sharing. Your faith is amazing!

  6. I'm convinced that loss is a trial by fire in one's faith. When my daughter died I realized I needed Jesus just to remember to breathe in and out all day. And the Lord strengthened our marriage as we learned to surrender completely to the will of God, even though it was hard.

    This is beautiful.

  7. Awesome story. I found you through the Christian Women Online. My maiden name is Garber. Thank You for sharing.

  8. Tears. Beyond beautiful. I wish I knew you all in 'real life'. You are stronger than I could every be, and I am convinced God knows it. Your unshakable faith and your love for the Lord, is inspiring.