Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We're back! New & Improved ...

We have been a bit shocked at the sweet emails & messages we’ve received re: the blog in the last few days! When we took the blog down I commented to Jase “It’ll only take a week or so … no one will even notice!”. Who knew all of you were out there & devoted readers (so really isn’t just our moms!). Thank you!

When I did Bek's new blog design, I did it using bloggers’ newest version (which is XML) and discovered all the latest & greatest fun tools, which includes the ability to make one's blog private, something we'd greatly desire to do. Since then I've little by little tried to update our version to XML, and in the process learned that we couldn't take our nifty little layout with us when we transferred over. So, off we went wandering down the process of creating a new layout. Between work and school there's not much time for creativity.

Your requests & emails prompted us (well … me) to move the process along much quicker then intended. It has also made me feel a bit more accountable to post things with much more substance then “we went to the park”. LOL.

A process that was initially started months ago is mostly done. Finally! Here we are up and running ... still working on minor glitches and such. If only switching layouts and updating were as easy as it is on Myspace …



  1. i'm lovin it girl...looks good!

  2. I was hoping you hadn't disappeared from Blogdom!!
    I'm a regular too!


  3. Tracie (and Jason) I do love your new layout! kuddos for learning all that techie stuff! I proably should do the same with mine...which I am way behind in updating both with news and with new stuff (like link to your blog, right?) Your blog does help inspire me to keep up with mine, although I haven't been able as much lately :)
    Love, mj