Sunday, October 21, 2007

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

Last year my girlfriend Kimberley & I made an attempt at Organized Christmas. A 6 week program to ensure your family is organized and ready to go come Dec. 1st – so the month of December can be enjoyed. It’s a good theory, but not the easiest plan to put in action.

This year we’re going at it again. Except this time Kim has made her own documents and added a cute flair to calendars and such. She’s also added delicious recipes and put in on all a CD.

We begin today, with Get Organized Week. Over the next six weeks I should be completely organized in all things Christmas: gifts (in-store and catalog), cards, home projects (which there will be a lot as Jay & I have some new decorating ideas for this year – all homemade, of course), traveling, family photos, holiday budgets, shopping lists, Jay & I night outs, community service projects, charitable giving, outreaches, menu planners, baking , decoration inventories, mailings, party planners, values worksheets, spiritual goals for the season … you get the idea.
So, I’ve busted out the Christmas notebook and will be printing out this years worksheets, etc. You can attempt your own Organized Christmas by visiting the site … as for me; I am popping in Kim’s CD & being thankful for organized & inspiring friends …


  1. Woohooo!! CHRISTMAS!!!!!
    Funny...we just started this weekend too!

  2. This looks great! I feel already overwhelmed by the upcoming Christmas season and it hasn't started yet (officially at least!)-- I love the idea that by starting now I can ENJOY it when it is here! I really want to follow the liturgy tradition this year, and light advent candles, and focus primarily on our spiritual journey, on awaiting the Christ Child as we await Jesus everyday and live out our faith. Which is the most important aspect, if not the only one, Christmas and every other day!
    I'll be checking this out! Thanx, miriam

  3. 6 weeks in advance, pretty dedicated. I am impressed. I'm new at this whole "married and need to decorate for seasons/holidays" thing but I like your style.