Saturday, October 13, 2007

Walk to Remember

Today we & 300 others, took part in the OC Walk to Remember. October is pregnancy & infant loss awareness month, and cities all over the states (& other countries too, I’ve heard) have some sort of service honoring babies lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, SADS, or SIDS. The most common being the Walk to Remember.

Last year we skipped this event, but this year found it important to take these moments out to remember. The road of grief is a funny thing … no matter how far out you are from loss, little memories or moments come up and bite you in the behind every now and then. What we feel now is not what we felt then – it’s not a daily overwhelming intrusion in our lives; however we’re finding it more and more important to schedule times like today to take us back there. I’ve been dealing w/ a little PTS – resonating from the details of the actual physical act of birthing the girls … I’ve always seemed to push those thoughts away. The aftermath I can wrap my mind around, but the hours spent in labor … those are different. I guess now is the time to deal. So, today more than ever, I am thankful for the people who make it a priority to remember. And I am thankful for a morning away from our busy schedules to be with my husband … and my girls.

I personally didn't take any photos, so I'll share the video from last year. I'll be sure to switch it with this years video once I get it.

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  1. What a beautiful eyes are watering now. The music is beautiful too. As far as I know we don't have a Walk to Remember in Arkansas or TN were I used to live. I wish we did. Remembering Grace and Olivia...always. Love,
    Miriam and Gioia Carise