Friday, October 12, 2007

Watching a friend die.

Yesterday morning Jason’s co-worker of 10+ years came to him stating that he didn’t feel good. Jason took one look up at him & ran to call 911. They attempted CPR, but couldn’t get him breathing.

The paramedics arrived quickly and shortly after arriving at the hospital, a nurse came out to tell Jason and Shawn (another co-worker) that their friend had passed away. He had a massive heart attack. He was 43.

The day was spent at the hospital waiting for family to arrive and dropping personal items off with relatives.

It is very sad to me that it takes something like this to shock us all back into the reality of how fragile we are. Jason and I are praying that a day full of tragedy can somehow open people’s eyes a bit. Not only to the loved ones around them, but also to the personal matters of the heart. How often do we tell God “not today” … taking for granted that there will be a tomorrow?

Please pray for this mans family. He has 4 children, ranging in ages from 7-19. My husband has been blessed to minister to them yesterday and today. I am incredibly proud of him. Also please pray for the handful of men who were involved with the events of the morning … and the resuscitation efforts, especially Jason who did his very best to save to his friend.

The world was a little darker this morning.

We connect with others daily – lets remember how important those connections are, and how vital our impact can be. Speak in love and selflessly give. You never know when your next hello might really be goodbye.

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