Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 movies down, 486 to go.

In the spirit of corny, classic Christmas movies, I took it upon myself to spend some time last Saturday morning Ti-Vo-ing every single (happy) Christmas movie that will be on this month. Hallmark, ABC Family, Lifetime, TBS … I got them all.

Even worse, I cheered Rebekah on as she did the same Sunday night … much to the dismay of our husbands!

And as a side note, the above numbers are highly exaggerated (well, not the 2 – we really only have watched two thus far: The Christmas Box & The Christmas List, but I think there’s only about 30 left to go … so far!)


  1. hey, christmas magic is pretty cute and now we're on to "a mom for christmas"...every night there's about 30 more added to the list...yiippee for corny christmas tv movies.

  2. hey, i just noticed your picture changed (of the three of ya) cute!