Saturday, November 10, 2007

The adventures of today –

We were supposed to take our family photos today. Simple. Get home early and continuing working on the house projects.

Jason had a hair appointment at a spa at 10am. I decided I wanted pampering myself, and it’s not haircut time for me … so I choose make-up. I haven’t switched out my lip color or powders/ foundations since changing my hair color from light to dark (gasp!) and it’s something I’ve been meaning to do. Aside from that my Mac compact is almost out, and if I can get a free make-up job while buying something I already need, why not? So, Jay & I went to the Mac counter last week, and the girl was SO rude (a make-up snob, to quote RB) – so Jason suggests checking out Clinique. I used to wear Clinique products before Mac was around, and Jason actually likes it better (he uses the Clinique mens line). So I schedule an appointment for today. This morning rolls around and we head to the mall … the Clinique lady gives me a facial … nice, but all the while I am wondering when they started adding facials to make-up apps. I explained to her that I need skin color matching since I’ve changed my hair color. So, she finishes the facial part, and asks what products I need to buy. I tell her make-up, no skin care. She tells me that I am more than welcome to purchase make-up; however today is “spa & facial” day, so they aren’t doing any make-up apps. This would have been important to know LAST WEEK! I am beyond frustrated. I ended up not purchasing any make-up out of frustration. I locate Jay, tell him I need to go to Target & pick up a new compact until I can get an appointment @ Mac or Clinique on a different day – when they will do color matching (I am not paying $30 for a powder that isn’t my color – and Mac was super busy).

We go to Target, I am in the organic & naturals make-up aisle (you know how they sell Burt’s Bees & Boots stuff now) … and this lady who works for Boots asks if she can help me. I tell her I am looking for a new powder to match my skin tone w/ dark hair. She tells me to hold on and comes back with the West Coast Regional Boots make-up rep, who just happens to be in my Target today (which, after talking to her, I find out she normally doesn’t even visit Targets; she does mostly shows & celebrity, politic stuff). This lady offers to completely do my make-up (I know, I thought it was odd too). So she did – in Target. And it was incredible. I ended up purchasing some stuff (which really wasn’t all that exciting of a find, b/c I am all about a deal and Boots prices are actually a little more than Clinique’s – but I loved the product). The other rep lady visits our Target quite often, so I’m thinking I might have a new make-up lady … at Target … how crazy is that? She also sold Jason on some new skin care (my man moisturizes!). She also told me I look like Meredith Gery (???????!!!), so I guess that makes Jason my McDreamy! Anyway, this whole ordeal left us running late, so I totally forgot to put any jewelry on & went to pictures w/ only my wedding ring. Oh well …

We take photos, by an assistant. I left thinking they’d turn out okay. We go to the food court at the mall to eat until our photos are ready to be viewed. We sat outside on the balcony and about 40 minutes into it all we hear a loud beeping, followed by a voice on the intercom says “Please evacuate. There is a fire in the building. Please do not use the elevators.” NICE … we’re outside eating; Andrew is right inside the mall inside a sport shop. We’re not all that panicked at this point, but I would much rather have Drew at my side. I go in to get him myself while Jay is quickly finishing his meal – and the minute I walk through the doors all I see are masses of people RUNNING to the stairs. Now I panic and think #1 I will never find Andrew in this mess and #2 once I do how on earth will I find my way back to Jason. Then I see Andrew bee-lining it towards me and we make our way out.

Eventually we’re able to go back into the department store (and no, the mall didn’t burn down). I walk back into the studio and the main guy approaches me and tells me that our photos were all somehow erased and they will have to reshoot! I take a split second to think about how I am lucky if I even have lipstick in my purse for a touch-up and that all that curl that was once in my hair is now gone; then I decide to just laugh and convince myself that these new pix will be far better then the destroyed ones. The man offers to do the shoot himself (he’s the main guy, I guess) and also offers us an incredible deal (like – an INCREDIBLE deal w/ no sitting fees or anything). Shoot #2 seems like it went better (& he spend a lot of time on us) … granted we weren’t looking our best after fire emergencies and such, but we had a lot of FUN! The guy was super cool and it’s fun to build relationships with people like that. And did I mention we got an amazing deal?

So, we leave … and it’s dark outside. Where did the day go???? We come home & did a few projects at home then decide we’re hungry again. It’s late at this point, so we head to the store for groceries for dinner & for the remainder of the weekend. Neither of us were up for big cooking, so we settled on Hamburger Helper … yup, I made dinner out of a box. And it was actually good. I do not want to know the health values of what we ate, but we did it, and enjoyed it. This all might not seem like a big deal to you, but Hamburger Helper is typically not something allowed in my house. ;-)

Day is done … we’re ready for bed! The best part is … we had fun. All the craziness!

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