Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A little fall cleaning -

Our home has been anything but orderly lately. Below is what has been accomplished in the last week:

**Re-tile window in shower. Why on earth there is a window with wood molding INSIDE our shower remained a mystery. Now it’s tiled.
**Pull edging off the side of the tub
**Discuss getting a new toilet
**Rip bathroom flooring
**End up at Lowes purchasing NEW bathroom flooring (well, it can’t be that hard, right?)
**Fix leaky existing toilet
**Live without a shower for 10 count ‘em … 10 days!
**Get new toilet b/c old one is still leaky.
**Replace floor
**Live without toilet for 48 hours!!! (There was a lot of driving between houses going on!)
**New toilet installed!
**Clean every tiny inch of our house
**And by every inch I mean under/ behind/ on the sides of the fridge, washer, dryer, oven, etc. (very gross, btw)
**Paint laundry room (w/ base coat anyway – still needs top stripes).
**Repair hall wall and paint (damaged from heater)
**Replace 8 window panes – clean all windows inside & out
**Legs still hurt from scrubbing door jams, molding & baseboards – up and down.
**Complete some items on a certain checklist
**Make new curtains & hang them (thanks mom!)
**Clean out closets – thank God over and over for new shoe rack
**Clean all cabinets – lay new shelf paper
**Throw out a ton of stuff we never use (loads upon loads of trash bags)
**Install lights & locks (thanks Greg!)
**Clean yards and scrub out door furniture and rugs.
**Put together some new equipment :)
**Replace the bamboo trim in Drew’s room with a cork board trim (this involved a crazy glue mess)
**And a billion other things that I won’t further bore you with which involved masks & dust & more crazy glue.
**Study for HUGE school exam!
**Prepare for youth communion on Wed. night.
**Oh … yeah … and there was a little sleep involved.

It was so intense that our neighbors came over worried that we were moving (we’re not). My parents helped out A TON (like without them we’d still have wood in our shower, no new title, and a broken wall). My mom has come over every day to help and Rog. spent the weekend at our house. We are very grateful for the time & energy put into our home.


  1. Oh my word I'm tired after reading that!

  2. WOW!!!! That is A LOT of work!
    It looks great!! You have a beautiful home.

  3. Anonymous10:09 AM

    All done! Clean & Beautiful. You did a great job and in such short time. Does this mean we don't have to clean again until Spring?
    Love Ya,