Friday, December 14, 2007


Tonight Jay and I opted to head to school for our final opportunity at extra credit. Finals are around the corner and you get just stressed enough to realize that those extra 5 points are sounding pretty good ... so good you're willing to spend your Friday night at school.

So we go for the planetarium and telescope show (actually we skipped the planetarium part, b/c we see that weekly and once you get it constantly during lecture it sort of loses it's coolness). We head to the roof of the college with the professor and while we're looking at a very awesome crescent moon in a telescope he just mentions that tonight ....oh, we might see meteors near Mars & Gemini, due to the meter shower (!!!!) This would be the point I got excited (yes, over meteors, who would have thought?). It was amazing! Sure, I've seen a shooting star or two at summer camp as a kid, but never like the meteors I witnessed tonight - in the midst of the city!

Professor S tells us that it will be at it's best after midnight when Mars is directly overhead, so I am doing all I can to stay awake at this moment. We also viewed the Orion nebula and Mars through the telescopes ... but nothing beat the meteors.

I expected a dull evening, but rather had a very awe inspiring night ... and there's more to come (as long as those ocean clouds stay over the ocean!).

Isn't creation amazing? (Have I said amazing enough times in this post?)

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  1. what a i was driving home from work in santa barbara at midnight i saw the most amazing "shooting star" and thought to my self that had to be a meteor it was so bright and came straight down instead of the usual sideways cool to think it probably was part of the shower...and yes it is amazing!