Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Here we come '08!

The coming of the New Year has encouraged us to sit down for some review and planning.

We planned our budget for 2008, and our financial goals for the year. We try to make cuts where we can, and see what area’s our money isn’t be spent wisely or utilized in the best way possible. We plan investments and set new spending limits. It’s not all accomplished, but the plans are set and it feels good. We plan for our family and what we’d like to see happen, together and as individuals. We have career goals, personal goals, and spiritual goals. Again, it won’t all be accomplished, but we’re giving it a try.

More importantly, this is a time to review. We’ve had a lot of change in the past year, and a lot of change around the corner. One of our biggest feats in ’07 (especially the last few months) has been setting boundaries. Learning to say no – guilt free (still working on the guilt-free part). But for the most part, we’re pointing towards success there! We’ve turned down being on a Christmas tea committee; working with the Christmas play; one marriage group; stepped out of leadership roles at a church we’ve poured our hearts into; amongst other things. It’s SO hard! Saying NO is SO hard, especially when so much of you really, really wants to say yes. I personally don’t want to disappoint people’s expectations of me (thus the guilt – most of which has been self-imposed, I’ll own that), but we’ve got a new focus for our family, new ministries where we feel we’re supposed to be (and sometimes there is self-sacrifice involved in that). We have a “new” teenager, facing a very critical point in his life and his needs to consider, as well as planning for what the next few months might hold. We’re also working on boundaries in relationships, learning the difference between what’s just simply necessary and what’s authentic. It’s been a challenging year, but so worth the growth!

So, 2008. Several years ago we had a conversation about what marriage year number 7 would hold. 7 is a very symbolic number. Among many other things, the thought that has always stuck out most is that the Israelites circled Jericho 7 times before its walls came down. I am so intrigued by the story of the Israelites’ & the Exodus (thus the title of our blog, which I know we’ve yet to explain). I am fascinated, and feel we can relate on so many levels, to so many of the stories. Anyway, back at the time of this initial conversation I remember thinking that year 7 was so far off (silly thought, I know – I am totally NOT superstitious, btw, it’s just something that has always been in the back of my mind). And now, as the year approaches and I see how God is working in my family on so many levels (some of which are hard and scary) - I can’t help but think this will be year of amazing things. I have no idea how some situations will turn out, I have excitement for some things I know will happen, I am fearful of changes we’re making, and we’re all eager to see what God will do, not really for us – but through us and in us. We’re ready!

This is Traci, btw, Jason was already signed in, and I didn't want to sign him out and me in. Sorry. ;-)

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