Monday, January 07, 2008

Hi! I’m Traci and I am addicted to coupons.

I knew I was obsessed when the other day Andrew saw me pulling dish soap out from under the sink and exclaimed “That was free, wasn’t it?” followed by, “You get free things just to get free things, huh?”. When I overheard Jason & Greg discussing the fear of purchasing anything without a coupon in hand, I started to wonder if maybe Rebekah and I were taking it too far. But after walking out of the store, with a savings of $50, and a $3 bill for a bag full of groceries, I realize time and time again that the answer is no.

So, do I get free thing just to get free things? Yes and no. For the most part, I won’t get anything food wise (like potato chips) that we won’t (or rather, shouldn’t) eat. I try to keep only fresh(er) foods in the house, and stay away from over processed foods. But if it’s free, then why not (why not consume the whole box of Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies in one weekend!)? If we can’t use it we can give it to our churches compassion closet or donate it to charity (thus getting four Blood Glucose monitors at Walgreens and walking out $20 richer!).

So, this week’s fun savings:
*4 toothbrushes for free
*24 ct. Excedrin for free,
*2 L’Oreal mascara’s for 2 bucks
*72 ct. Bayer Aspirin for free
*Garnier Fructis shampoo/conditioner for free
*Palmolive dish soap 13oz. for 24 cents
*L’Oreal Vive hair color for 1 buck
*Cheerios twin pack for 3.49 (which I wasn’t sure if that was THAT grand of a deal, but I also had a $2 CVS coupon for a 10 dollar purchase, so I really only paid 1.49 for it)
*3 packs of Frigo string cheese 12 ct. for .99 each (normally 6.99 each!)
*Healthy Ones lunch meat for free
*Juicy Juice or Harvest Surprise boxes for 50 cents
*Yoplait Yo four pack for 70 cents
*Yoplait individual yogurts for 25 cents each – I got 16 of them
*Quaker Instant Oatmeal for 82 cents
*4 boxes of cereal (2 Lucky Charms and 2 Nature Valley) for 20 cents each, 80 cents for 4 boxes!
*Keeblers Fudge Shoppe cookies for free
*Electrasol Dishwasher Detergent for 24 cents
*Soft soap hand wash for 50 cents
*Johnson and Johsnon Baby Care for 1 buck
*2 bottles of Lifewater for free (actually, got 24 cents back for that)
… and that’s just THIS week.

My obsession comes with support and fueling from Rebekah, who calls frantically once a good deal is found. We’re regular viewers (see link in sidebar) --- she takes all the hard work out of shopping the ads with coupons. She tells you where to go to get what for free or cheap, and what the best deals at each store are for the week. It’s worth the time! Check it out --- trust me, you’ll never pay for toothpaste again.

Great way to kick off the New Year with those money resolutions. Btw, have you heard of FreeCycle? Amazing!

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  1. Maria Jarvis9:58 AM

    Ok I've been to and I can't figure it out. What am I doing wrong? It seems like it shows me the same stuff every week. So I don't bother printing the coupons out. Is there a place on the website I should be going too? HELP!!!!