Friday, March 21, 2008

Death on a Friday afternoon

Today is the day that our savior hung on a cross for my freedom. His fight was more powerful, more heartfelt, more earth shattering then any other act that has ever touched us. His death was rugged and he sufferred through one of the most gruelling and painful forms of capital punishment ever devised by man. He did that for me. And for you. It's heartbreaking, isn't it? The humiliation and pain are a sacrifice on our behalf. And today we remember that sacrifice.

And then there was Easter ... the joy that comes in the morning.

This Easter we were looking for new traditations. New ways to celebrate the day. We decided to have a Easter brunch, but kick-back style, since we just finished mid-terms. Minimal stress, I say! So no baked ham for us (this year anyway!), but I've just finished my shopping list and I am excitied for the day! And I am making Coconut Snowball Cakes and they look adorable (in the photo anyway)!

I am pretty sure Andrew and I have decided to sleep through sunrise service - I am pretty useless before 7 anyway. One challange we face is the Easter basket. Andrew is too old for cutesy baskets & we're firm believers in non-gift holidays (which includes pretty much any holiday aside from Christmas). Any gifts that are given on Easter are drawing one to Christ (in other words, no video games or useless material objects, lol). It was easy when he was little, but the last few years have proved to be more difficult. Do you people have this problem as well? Got to wind up those creative brain cells ... (don't worry, we already have a few ideas ....)

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