Sunday, March 02, 2008

How can it already be MARCH?

I haven’t done much in the way of blogging lately. Not for lack of things to post, b/c we sure have been busy! That’s just the problem – we’ve been busy!

Drew is currently in his final week of the regular season for NJB. His team is currently undefeated (only loss was in a tournament, the week of Christmas). He is proving himself on the court, and excelling in ways that makes dad a little reluctant to go outside and shoot some hoops on lazy Saturdays (hey, no one likes getting whooped!). He is such a team player and very generous and thoughtful with his teammates. He’s a big man on the court, towering over many of his opponents and teammates (and sadly, me). Though that is not at all holding him back in the scoring department, having games w/ point scores of 14, 15, etc. He is enjoying himself and we can really see the smoothness coming out on what used to be rough edges.

We spent last night watching Fiddler on the Roof, to which Drew surprised us with “I like this better then Wicked!” Of course … he did. An $8 high school production vs. a magical, smash success Broadway musical. Go figure.

Jay & I have a very busy week ahead of us, which thankfully will end with a vacation! We’ll be celebrating our 7 year anniversary in a little cabin far away from home. It’s much needed and we are so excited, you’d think we’ve never been out of town before. We’re also doing some things w/ our vows and such this year – sorta a re-commitment as our marriage enters a new season of life. Exciting times, I’ll tell ya!

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