Thursday, March 20, 2008

Matchbox Twenty - whoot, whoot!

We took Andrew to his first big concert. We were in the suite (Jay was hosting some clients), so we figured it would be “calmer” up there and a crazy new experience for Drew. I am a long time fan of Matchbox Twenty and love, love, love Rob Thomas’ music (we both do actually), so I was incredibly excited to go myself! We had so much fun! And were out really LATE (it was Sunday night), which probably wasn’t the best way to start Midterms week … !

Rocking on:

The man, Mr. Thomas:

From our leather cushioned seats, lol (the second one is all of the lights from everyones cell phones!):


  1. OOOh - how fun!! You guys are some super cool parents!! Love it!

  2. Soooo Cool! Oh, was this the concert with Mutemath? Jim was wanting to go to that. Love Matchbox 20. Looks like Andrew had fun!!!

  3. Traci8:51 AM

    It was yes! It's funny you say that, b/c the whole time Mutemath was playing, Jay & I were a little ... er... stunned(there were drums flying off the stage!). After Andrew was like "That was SO COOL!" Apparently we're getting old ... LOL.
    Alanas Moresette (sp?) was also there - that was weird too! But I love my Matchbox Twenty!