Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Black eyes & jet planes

So, I have two (non-refundable) tickets for a plane, Orlando bound, leaving at 9:45 am tomorrow. A weekend in an awesome house with some of my favorite girls (HP Ministries Board of Directors meeting), and then a few days walking cobblestone streets hand in hand with my Jason as we explore the beautiful city of Savannah. I have no clue if Savannah has cobblestone streets, but the city pretty much vomits romance, and cobblestone is romantic.

But now there’s a little guy who has my heart. He’s also given me a black eye (not intentional) and an indention of little teeth on my arm (very intentional). His spirit is so full of life and love. There’s much healing and nurturing to be done.

Today I learned that one can plan all they want. Travel to great places, see amazing things, and pinpoint their life goals. And if we’re lucky enough, one day we’ll wake up and realize whatever road we were traveling down dropped us off somewhere completely outside our map. But if we block out the craziness we call life and just silently LISTEN, we’ll also realize that it is exactly where we are supposed to be.


  1. (((Traci)))

    you are one special, beautiful person, you know? Love always,

  2. sniffle...sniffle...sniffle - stop making me get all emotional!