Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, after getting passes and a trip to Sea World with our friends (thanks Greg & Bek) and a fun trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific (thanks Brandi!), we've discovered he likes fish. But do you know what he likes even more? CARS. Our aquarium trip ended w/ the sounds of race cars - the Grand Prix is going on this weekend, and they were qualifying. All LB natives know the sounds of those race cars ...

We were lucky enough to sneak over to the side of the race track and watch the cars fly by. He was SO excited!

So excited that he couldn't sleep last night ... bedtime is 7:30. All was quiet in the house for about two hours, then we decided to watch the CMT awards (which we had TiVo'd) and were laughing at Toby Keith, when all of the sudden there's a little man dancing and strumming his fake guitar in the hallway. Apparently, he's a country music fan too. It was so cute we let him stay up and watch 15 minutes of the show. We were hoping he'd sleep in a little longer this morning. That didn't work ...

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