Friday, April 04, 2008

A new spot at our table ...

So it has been incredibly hard keeping our mouths shut the last few days but it was very important that Drew be the first one who knew about this and got to hang out w/ our new little guy, so tight lips prevailed (and a crazy schedule helped).

We are officially foster parenting the cutest (most energetic) 2 year old boy!

We've sort of kept a blog w/ some ramblings about the journey, which can be read here. It's long and probably pretty boring, unless you gave birth to us (hi moms!). So, if you just want to get to the point read how we got here, why we weren't talking about it, and why you'll be seeing less photos.

We are so excited and joyfully thrilled to be entrusted with the care of this precious child. We are amazed at the bonding that has occurred in the last 24 hours. And we are grateful for your prayer and encouragement!


  1. We are SOOOO Excited for you all! We were waiting for this news and can't wait to meet your new little guy! We are praying for you and praising the Lord for His awesome gift!

    (oh and none of your writings were long and boring. lol. What a journey! I enjoyed reading about it.)

  2. What wonderful news!!! Hallelujah!!! (Coming here from Brandi's blog) I am very excited for you guys.